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Orange County CBD 600mg CBD Disposable Vape - 1ml 700 Puffs ::Short Dated Stock::


Experience the pure essence of CBD in style with Orange County's Disposable CBD Vape Pen. Perfect for those yearning to dip their toes into the world of vaping, this device brings together the simplicity of use and the astounding effects of broad-spectrum CBD.

Engineered to strike the flawless equilibrium between authentic flavours and a potent CBD encounter, each pen is suffused with terpenes derived from renowned strains. This deliberate infusion ensures the full spectrum of flavour notes is articulated in every puff, bestowing upon you an exquisite journey of taste that pairs seamlessly with the impressive benefits of CBD.

Pre-filled with 1ml of Orange County's award-winning broad-spectrum CBD extract, each vape pen is ready to deliver up to 700 puffs. This ample amount is designed to provide lasting satisfaction, extending a consistent and reliable CBD experience each time.

What makes Orange County CBD stand out is its broad-spectrum nature. It offers an ensemble of cannabinoids, which work in synergy to enhance the overall CBD experience, all while ensuring no THC's influence. The resulting effect is a comprehensive and unadulterated encounter with CBD that's as rewarding as it is soothing.

Infused with food-grade, naturally sourced terpenes, this vape pen provides the instantaneous effects of vaping. It's an embodiment of convenience, offering a disposable and rechargeable design that prioritizes user-friendly interaction. So, whether you're a seasoned vaper or a beginner, Orange County CBD's Disposable Vape Pen guarantees a seamless and enjoyable exploration into the world of CBD vaping.

  • Broad Spectrum 600mg CBD
  • Disposable Vape Device
  • Rechargeable
  • Pre-filled with 1ml Broad Spectrum CBD Extract
  • Infused with naturally sourced, food grade terpenes
  • Instantaneous effects of vaping
  • Up to 700 Puffs
Blueberry Muffin
Paired with Orange County CBD's award-winning, world-famous CBD strain, the classic confectionary taste of Blueberry Muffin brings you all the flavours that will leave your mouth watering.

The ultimate answer in sweet and creamy CBD vaping that matches the authentic dessert flavour of this famous strain with Orange County CBD's incredible broad-spectrum CBD, for a sought after CBD vapes.

Taking the recognisable flavours of a famous strain and pairing it with Orange County CBD's award-winning CBD for something zesty and powerful.

Emulating the sweet flavours of California's most famous strains, this will make for a perfect choice for an indulgent CBD hit for those looking to taste to strain-bow. Made with the highest quality CBD, Zittlez is sure to give you a powerful and relaxing hit.

Banana Kush
Made with natural flavourings and award-winning CBD, this Banana Kush disposable CBD vape pen pairs is the final word in authentic CBD vaping. The great taste of this famous strain with a powerful CBD hit.

Mango Haze
Known worldwide for its mouth-watering flavour and uplifting impact, This recreation of this famous Mango Haze strain brings you the very best in CBD vaping. Bringing the perfect combination of energising CBD with a fruity hit, you can see for yourself just how irresistible Mango Haze truly is

Strawberry Kush
Pairing the unmistakable taste of the famous Strawberry Kush strain with award-winning CBD, this incredible vape is the ideal way to get a euphoric CBD experience that can't be beaten in it's perfection.

Alien OG
This one-of-a-kind disposable CBD vape pen takes the famous flavour of Alien OG and pairs it with our award-winning CBD for a CBD vaping experience that's out of this world. Being lean, powerful and absolutely irresistible, this is one of the stars of this disposable vaping range.

Wedding Cake
Known for its distinct sweetness and its euphoric effects, this world-famous strain of Wedding Cake is perfectly emulated in Orange County CBD's disposable CBD vape pens. With the authentic flavours, this dream pairing is sure to bring you into a honeymoon that never ends.

Made with Orange County CBD's award-winning broad-spectrum CBD and designed to emulate that classic Mimosa flavour, this is the classiest way to get your hit of CBD and one of the most delicious vapes on offer.

Ingredients: Broad Spectrum Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol (600mg per 1ml), Natural Terpenes. THC content<0.2%

How to use your CBD Vape Pen:
Your disposable vape pen is ready for you to enjoy. Simply place the mouthpiece between your lips and take small, slow pulls until your desired effects are reached.