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Stay Home, Stay Safe, | Shop Online | We are Dispatching as Normal

Nootrocan 100000mg Nootropic 100% Mushroom Powder - 100g


Introducing Nootrocan 100,000mg Nootropic Mushroom Extract Powders, a product of British ingenuity, meticulously crafted in the UK. Encapsulated in a convenient 100g form dropper bottle, each tincture packs a robust 100,000mg of mushroom extracts sourced exclusively from full fruiting bodies cultivated in grain-grown conditions. This comprehensive selection encompasses six distinct mushroom extracts, including Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, Lion's Mane, Reishi Mushrooms, Tremella and Turkey Tail, ensuring a two-month supply of comprehensive cognitive enhancement. Nootrocan is the epitome of British nootropic excellence, designed to elevate cognitive function and foster mental clarity, making it the ideal choice for those seeking enhanced cognitive performance. Unleash your cognitive potential with Nootrocan.

  • Made In The UK
  • 100g of chosen mushroom extract
  • 100,000mg of mushroom extract
  • Full Fruiting Body
  • Grain Grown
  • 2 Month Supply

Immunity - Turkey Tail:

Ingredients: 100% Turkey Tail Extract.

Strength - Cordyceps:

Ingredients: 100% Cordyceps Extract.

Protect - Lions Mane:

Ingredients: 100% Lions Mane Extract.

Relax - Reishi Mushrooms:

Ingredients: 100% Reishi Extract.

Health - Tremella Mushrooms:

Ingredients: 100% Tremella Extract.

Performance - Turkey Tail Mushroom:

Ingredients: 100% Chaga Extract.

Recommended serving: 1.6g/day (approx. two month supply)