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Nectar Hex Vaporizer - Basic Kit

by Nectar

Introducing the Nectar Hex Vaporizer, a groundbreaking dry herb vaping device, redefining the vaping experience through advanced features and cutting-edge technology. This revolutionary product boasts a rapid hybrid heating system and a luxurious 24ct gold chamber, providing an unparalleled vaping journey like never before.

Enhancing sophistication and performance: The 24ct gold chamber experience enhances performance, flavour extraction, and extended battery life with Nectar's gold-plated chamber. Its elegant and durable design can hold 0.3g of herbs, resisting corrosion, oxidation, and bacteria.

A fusion of convection and conduction: The hybrid heating system combines convection and conduction for better flavour and consistent vapour. Enjoy precise temperature control (160-240°C) and rapid vapour production (20s to 200°C, 30s to 240°C) for a customizable vaping experience.

Convenience at your fingertips: MagStick Multi-Use Tool attaches magnetically to the base for easy accessibility and multitasking during use, providing convenience and swift manoeuvrability.

Effortless loading and versatility: Nectar's dosing capsules offer an easy-loading solution for herbs and extracts. These reusable, medical-grade aluminium capsules (0.25g) provide optimal flavour and versatility, allowing for strain switching and maintaining a clean chamber.

Airtight seal for optimal vapour preservation: The VapeSeal Mouthpiece guarantees an airtight seal, Twist it inward while heating to seal the cooling unit and ensure optimal vapour preservation.

Quick and efficient charging: USB-C fast charging port the Nectar Hex comes with provides rapid charging and allows for quick and efficient power replenishment within 1 hour.

Fine-tune your vaping experience: Adjustable airflow. The Hex's airflow slider enables customization of the vaping experience. Users can adjust the airflow for intense, full-bodied sessions or smoother, flavour-focused experiences.

Effortless cleaning and resin trap: Easy maintenance the Hex features easy cleaning and a resin trap for hassle-free maintenance. The resin trap collects residue, allowing for quick and easy cleaning or replacement.

Convenient on-the-go solution: Screen storage in the battery cover the Hex's battery cover includes storage space for up to 5 spare filters, enhancing portability and convenience.

Uninterrupted vaping experience: 60+ mins of battery life/charge powered by a Sony VTC6 battery, a perfect amount of time for uninterrupted vaping sessions throughout the day.

Contents of the box:

  • 1x Nectar Hex Vaporizer
  • 1x USB-C fast charging cable
  • 1x Cleaning kit
  • 1x Dosing capsule (for herbs)
  • 1x Dosing capsule (for extracts)
  • 3x Gauzes
  • 2x Isopropyl alcohol pads
  • 1x QR code card (includes instructions manual)